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CONTEXT’S 28th Season features THE ROMANTIC CENTURIES, a special series of concerts of some of our very favorite music. Six unique Sunday-afternoon programs will present some of the world’s most personal, exciting, and extravagantly expressive musical works.

You’ll hear celebrated masterpieces from members of the original ‘Romantic Generation’—such as Mendelssohn, Schumann, Brahms, and Schubert—performed on our magical world-class instruments from the composers’ times. And you’ll discover ravishing selections by later Romantics—like Granados, Harris, Smyth, and Dohnányi—that will captivate you with their beauty, drama, and emotion.

You might not recognize all the names, but be assured that every piece on each program is immediately engaging, and guaranteed to raise your spirits and fire your soul.

For 28 years, Music in Context has had an uncommon mission:

⦿ Find the most imaginative and commanding chamber music from a wide spectrum of styles, by beloved canonical composers and by lesser-known geniuses;

⦿ Put them in the hands of masterful and communicative musicians, performing on the most beautiful and authentic instruments for each era;

⦿ And present them on Sunday afternoons, in an intimate hall of superior acoustics, where you’ll feel comfortable and be close to the music!

CONTEXT is a one-of-a-kind ensemble devoted to the presentation of music from a wide range of styles and eras. Stylistically enlightened performances, historically appropriate instruments, and innovative programming combine to place compositions in their musical context.

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photo of 1810 Rosenberger piano
1810 Rosenberger
photo of 1826 Graf piano
1826 Graf
photo of 1852 Bosendorfer piano
1852 Bösendorfer
photo of 1890 Bluthner piano
1890 Blüthner

2023–24 include

photo of Richard Belcher
Richard Belcher
photo of Stephanie Chase
Stephanie Chase
photo of Yvonne Chen
Yvonne Chen
photo of Joan DerHovsepian
Joan DerHovsepian
photo of Jean-Michel Fonteneau
Jean-Michel Fonteneau
photo of Richey Hawley
Richey Hawley
photo of MuChen Hsieh
MuChen Hsieh
photo of Michael Kannen
Michael Kannen
photo of Suzanne LeFevre
Suzanne LeFevre
photo of Maureen Nelson
Maureen Nelson
photo of Ella Sharpe
Ella Sharpe
double bass
photo of Lauren Snouffer
Lauren Snouffer
photo of Alexander Woods
Alexander Woods
photo of Brian Connelly
Brian Connelly