27TH SEASON 2022–23

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Twenty-seventh season

Since our beginning in 1995, Music in Context’s mission has been to present the most imaginative and engaging classical chamber music from an astounding range of styles and eras. Every concert brings to life musical masterworks, along with intriguing discoveries. Context’s internationally known musicians are esteemed interpreters, chosen for their particular mastery of each program’s repertoire. And each Sunday-afternoon concert includes concise, engaging comments to illuminate the music, in an intimate hall of superior acoustics, where you’ll be close to the musicians.

A Context concert is a journey in a magic time machine. Our renowned authentic historical pianos, with string and wind instruments appropriate for each era, let you hear the kinds of sounds and effects that the composers’ first audiences heard. Even familiar compositions are revealed in a new spirit and fresh beauty.

Seating is limited. Order your subscription today, and join us for another season of Context’s unique musical explorations.

photo of the 1826 Vaughn Graf piano
1826 Vaughn Graf piano

CONTEXT is a one-of-a-kind ensemble devoted to the presentation of music from a wide range of styles and eras. Stylistically enlightened performances, historically appropriate instruments, and innovative programming combine to place compositions in their musical context.