title The Age of Elegance drawing Pleyel January 22

Romanticism had its roots in the emotionally expressive and glitteringly elegant music of classical-era Vienna. Two of Europe’s original-instrument stars—Ildikó Kertész, playing a hauntingly beautiful eight-key wooden flute, and Nicholas Selo, with a gut-strung Classical cello—join fortepianist Brian Connelly for an afternoon of intimate, aristocratic music, in choicest selections from the turn of the 19th century.

Franz Joseph Haydn Trio in G Major for Flute, Cello, and Piano

Joseph Wölfl Sonata in D Minor for Cello and Piano

Ignaz Pleyel Trio in D Major for Flute, Cello, and Piano

Franz Danzi Duo for Flute and Cello

Karl Czerny Grand Fantasie for Flute, Cello, and Piano


All perfomances are at
Duncan Recital Hall
Alice Pratt Brown Hall
Rice University